Candlelight Vigil

 Pledge of Allegiance Reading the eyewitness report of “Boston Tea Party 1773” – Take your tea and shove it. Moment of Silence for the brave patriots in Boston 1773 Speech by local tea party organizer Dumping of the “Health Care Tea Boxes” Sing Proud to be American (Lee Greenwood) Reading of the key talking points […] Continue reading →

US Congressional District 19 Candidate Cards

 South Florida Tea Party is proud to have sent out Candidate Questionnaires for US Congressional District 19.  The special election will take place on April 13, 2009.  Candidates for congress include Ed Lynch, Curt Price,Joe Budd,Ted Deutch and Ben Graber.  If you are a candidate and not received one, please email US District 19 Special […] Continue reading →