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Chris Wallace Re: Trump Speech – ‘I Feel Like Tonight Donald Trump Became the President of the United States’

Tuesday following President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on the Fox News Channel, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace reacted to the speech, generally praising the remarks. Wallace, however, also said the speech validated Trump as president of the United States and that his opponent were going to have “accept that […] Continue reading →

Trump Gives A Major Blow to Obamacare

Just how much variation does just one line over a tax form make? For Obamacare’s specific mandate, the clear answer could be a lot. Subsequent President Donald Trump’s government order teaching agencies to offer respite from medical law, the Inner Revenue Support is apparently having a more lax way of the insurance requirement. The regulation’s […] Continue reading →

Spirit of America Rallies

We strongly support President Trump in his effort to put America First and we are holding small rallies to show support for President Trump’s policies There was a spontaneous uprising of grassroots activists that voted for President Trump to find a way to let people know that we support his agenda. Unlike those protesting against […] Continue reading →

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Rescind Last-Minute Obama Order Seeking Federal Election Takeover

All 50 state secretaries of state are urging the Trump administration to rescind a last-minute Department of Homeland Security directive calling state election systems “critical infrastructure.” Many state officials fear this is the first step toward a federal takeover of state-run elections, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. While deep political discord may be found […] Continue reading →

Build The Wall: President Trump Plans Action on Major Immigration Reforms

(BY CHARLIE SPIERING AT  BREITBART) President Donald Trump plans to sign a flurry of executive actions on immigration today, traveling to the Department of Homeland Security to highlight his committment to border security. “Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening. “Among many other things, we will build the wall!” […] Continue reading →

Trump Inauguration Speech (FULL)

President Trump Inauguration Address | The 45th president of the United States speaks outside the Capitol building on Inauguration Day. During his inaugural address, Trump told the American people that this was “their celebration.”He echoed themes that were repeated throughout his campaign, promising not to leave “the forgotten men and women” behind, and calling for […] Continue reading →