#DrainTheSwamp & #ArrestTheThugsProtests turning violent outside of President …

#DrainTheSwamp & #ArrestTheThugs

Protests turning violent outside of President Trump’s Inauguration.


25 thoughts on “#DrainTheSwamp & #ArrestTheThugsProtests turning violent outside of President …

  1. These terrorists can be prosecuted and banished from our lands. They have no right to do damage and destruction. Our nation stands for the peaceful transference of power, unlike these criminals.

  2. Please put this bunch of trash in jail. They should have to clean up all the damage they are causing, then after they do that they should have to go and cleanup their own neighborhoods. God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

  3. Arrest them how hard is that??? The police are there t serve and protect. Why are you letting these thugs destroy property? Lock them up. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  4. If there is violence involved, then it is no longer a legal, peaceful protest it is illegal and they should be arrested. They have already injured people, injured police officers and damaged property. Grow up, already.

  5. It doesn’t really matter what they do, they will not get anything.
    Democrats elected Donald Trump when they voted for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, so don’t cry like babies now.

  6. Arrest them all, Put them on chain gangs throughout the state, Do not allow electronic devices of any kind, Punishment should go by their age….age 18 = 18 months, Stop all government aid that they are getting, Put a stop to this shit

  7. They need to start calling out the National Guard to help the police. These are not “protesters” they are rioters, looting and destroying property and harming others. Criminal activity.

  8. Too freaking late crybabies, someone pass out pacifers and call a Wambulance 🇺🇸❤️🏋🏻. We win…. you lost! We got a new sheriff in town!

  9. make them manually work off their share of the cost of damages they helped create. Cancel ALL welfare affiliated with those rioting as well as any other benefit they are collecting from State or Federal government!

  10. Can,t take the outcome so they go and throw stuff at innocent people to hurt. Nice dumb ass protest liberals !!!!!!! Take the ones with masks on , and lock them up because they have no balls!!!!!! Cry. Cry. Cry !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. These people never intended to have a peaceful protest, they deserve everything the police give them, start cracking heads and throw their asses in jail.

  12. Liberal assholes throwing rocks at policemen! I Q’s of ZERO!! Believe me it will get you nowhere but in jail! You people are very SICK!

  13. This will be remembered when the mid-term elections come up and again in 2020. Democrats will be an endangered species.

  14. Bunch of jackass’s this is the only job they have. Get a life stop living of we the people this shit is getting old. You don’t really want to piss off my generation.

  15. buuuu… los manifestantes no pasan los 30 años, no le trabajan un día a nadie, jóvenes estudiantes que les lavaron el cerebro en las universidades con el progresismo

  16. The police are out numbered and apparently have not been told to use deadly force!! Some of these protestors came armed with weapons they have every intention of hurting and destruction!! Time for the military or the patriot bikers that are there……end it

  17. Well the 1st thing president Trump should do is have all those stupid low life thugs arrested….. Obama was the worst president in history and I never not once in the 8 disastrous years he was in office go break windows and destroy hard working peoples property. I hope Trump backs the law and gets the trash of the streets….

  18. Notice they don’t have an American flag and they hide their face like cowards…
    And all they are doing is destroying small businesses…
    If I was there I would shot as many as I could

  19. Most probably aren’t even Democrats or even know or care why they are protesting. Just a bunch idiots who like to cause chaos, have something to talk about and be be on TV.

  20. I dont understand what theyre protesting? Hes already been sworn in, its over. You tried your best (i assume), but didnt really accomplish anything except making yourself and everyone like you look like idiots. You have no positive message, no leaders, no plan, no signs, no interviews, no desire to try and TALK to somebody, nothing. You all just showed up to do what? Stand around and yell “fuck Trump”, smoke weed in public, burn shit, and break windows? What good is that going to do? How does that get your message across? This is why real people dont take you seriously, and think youre all wasting your time.

  21. This is a sad world.everybody blaming everybody. Where is the love, maybe the world is coming to an end.there is so much hated out there.some body always want to take something away from someone,and when it happens to you you get mad.

  22. You twinkies run around like RATS and COCKROACHES! Cover your useless faces, act like spoiled little bastards that your are and add nothing to society. You believe that you are taking a stand and making a statement!? You are doing nothing but confirming to America that you are nothing more than ignorant asshats!

  23. Sadly enough we really may need re-education camps. The educational system as it stands has brain washed the youth totally. Proof of this is the fact a man like Bernie Sanders had the following he had and almost won the liberal leftist nomination. It maybe time to focus some national security issues on liberals.

  24. An example the political divide is (in general) parallel to the “What can I do for America?” households paying federal income tax givers ‘vs’ the “What can America do for me?” households paying no federal income tax takers!

  25. While people were celebrating, the White House removed websites for disabilities, climate change and LGBTQ issues.
    Protest is needed. But it must be peaceful.

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