Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, architect of the 9/11 attacks, revealed that Al Qaeda’s plan to destroy the United States was not through terrorist attacks like the one on the Sept. 11, but by taking advantage of the United States’ weak immigration policies, according to a new book written by James Mitchell and Bill Harlow.
“He said the terror attacks were good, but the way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message.”
“They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people eventually would become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end… ‘America, he said, will expose her neck to us for slaughter.’

Any one out there think we don’t need stronger immigration reform?