25 thoughts on “Obama’s burgundy drapes gone, replaced with Trump gold.

  1. As it should be. A real President that loves our country and our friends.

  2. Thank you president Trump from a patriotic Brit


  4. God Bless You President Trump! The Real Patriotic President, who Honors History!

  5. Right Back where it belongs. Should of never been removed from the Peoples House and returned to Britain. I’m Glad that the British Government gave it back to us. Thank You President Trump!

  6. God bless you President Trump from a Patriotic British supporter.Churchill is where he belongs two great men side by side

  7. i like the brits 9 11 happens and who shows up with us right away the brits they will back us up every time and so will we foolish to screw with them or us

  8. This is Great again, things will take time but it will return AMERICAN again

  9. I agree this is very good.
    I recognize our President, Vice-President President and Jared Kushner. Would someone please tell me the names of the other two gentlemen? Thanks.

  10. Tomorrow Trump will have someone explain to him who Churchill was.

  11. glad they redecorated and got all the muslim crap out of their

  12. I was part of a huge women’s March recently. I, along with 30 million other women , marched into a voting booth and voted for Donald Trump.

  13. Thats awesome Nora you and your family should be proud of you for being a stand up woman

  14. I would venture to say that I am almost certain that I will never see DJT’s feet propped up on top of that desk….unlike the last inhabitant of the Oval office was often photographed doing.

  15. Brits are the biggest dummy down propaganda source ever.

  16. NOW WE HAVE A REAL PRESIDENT & V. PRESIDENT to lead us back to PRIDE IN AMERICA & the unified healing we ALL need! Ahhh, the Oval office looks proper AND Preidential again – THANK YOU FOR restoring OUR WHITE HOUSE to her intended glory!!!!!!

  17. Funny no one says anything about a pointless bust until this bogus website tells you too…ignorant people!!!

  18. The way it should be!! Now drain the swamp!!! #trumptrain

  19. Now please put back the Ten Commandments/Presidential/Veterans sculptures, ETC that were removed under obummer

  20. And he did not remove a bust of MLK…hopefully people will stop spreading that rumor. As if it affects them personally…

  21. It would not have been long before Obama or Hillary sent the Statue of Liberty back to France ‘

  22. It’s back where it belongs and President Trump will make America Great Again!!!!

  23. Good For Him I Would Change Everything !! Pray To Get The Devil Out Anoint everything w/Oil !!!

  24. That bust is Martin Luther King, Jr.

  25. No wonder Obama didn’t want it, after all Churchill was very opposed to socialism after WW II and he made it known.

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