President-elect Donald J. Trump’s incoming administration is girding for a battl…

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s incoming administration is girding for a battle over his core policy objective of bringing U.S. manufacturing jobs that have been shipped overseas back to the United States, several senior advisers to Trump tell Breitbart News.

The senior incoming administration sources expect this fight to play out on three major policy fronts: trade, infrastructure, and taxes and the budget. Globalist elitists want Trump policies on these fronts to benefit the upper corporate echelon, whereas the nationalist populists would rather the focus be on benefits to the middle and working classes. Those same upper corporate echelon elites have shipped jobs overseas thanks to weak U.S. trade deals, then reaped the benefits of government connections for major contracts for U.S. projects—all while being sheltered by tax code proposals from career politicians that reward the wealthiest in society without much regard for the average American worker or family. Nationalist populists want to restore the balance in that equation by making sure that average American workers—not corporatist elites—have a job so they can feed their families and reap the majority of benefits from the tax code and from infrastructure projects.

It remains to be seen whether President Trump will be as successful with this venture on a grand scale as he was with the specific example of keeping about a thousand Carrier Corporation jobs in Indiana as president-elect—or his negotiations with Boeing over the cost of Air Force One redesigns as another example—but aides say to expect a wholly different and fresh approach to all of these major issues facing the United States when he takes office on January 20.


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