Rain Could Not Dampen ‘Patriot Storm’ in South Florida!

West Palm Beach, FL, April 15, 2009- The periodic strong down pouring of rain, did not affect the turnout for the Tax Day Tea Party Protest in Palm Beach Florida.  Organizers estimate over 3000 Citizens gathered outside the Palm Beach Country Building this evening to protest reckless spending by the US Federal Government.  The large turnout led hundreds of participants to over flow into an adjacent five story parking structure, to better view the two hour rally. 

A diverse group of local speakers, including a best-selling author, local politicians and several Veterans, were often interrupted, as the capacity crowd spontaneously erupted into various chants, including “U-S-A, U-S-A”.  The enthusiastic crowd consistently waved hundreds of flags and home-made signs throughout the evening.  The creative highlight of the rally was perhaps the visit from a 20 ft. ‘Constitutional Sailboat’, reminiscent of an 18th Century schooner. 

In line with the grass-roots popularity of the event, several attendees made unscripted speeches to the eager crowd.  Attendees appeared especially moved, when an emigrant from Poland spoke about living under Socialist regimes. 

“The strong turnout clearly indicates there is a rapidly growing movement, gripping ordinary citizens and compelling them to speak out against an out of control Government.” said Everett Wilkinson, one of the organizers of the event.  “From the encouragement we received from participants, this will be the first event of many to come.” 

Organizers were quick to point out that this event was part of a national grass-roots movement with events in over 850 cities taking place today and that this movement will not rest until the Government is held accountable and adhere to the desires of their constituents.

3 thoughts on “Rain Could Not Dampen ‘Patriot Storm’ in South Florida!

  1. I am curious as to why Poloticians are allowed to speak at these events around the country.
    They are wanting attention and trying to stay on the side of the public. They are proven liers and crooks and have no place at these events other than to show up and have citizens tell them they are fired.

    Fox News and Republicans should be run off from attending these events. They are using Tea Parties and Citizens actions for their own pernoal republican agenda.

    Governor Perry was allowed to speak at three of them and he is a BUILDERBURG MEMBER. What has happened to this movement.

    Very disturbing this was allowed.

    There should not be a single Polotician allowed to speak at any Tea Party event unless it is Dr Ron Paul.

    The Tea Parties started when he ran for president. Now the same Poloticians that laughed at him are allowed to speak at Tea Parties.

    What has happened to this movement, it has been hijacked.

    Very Very sad.

    Who ever put the event on should be removed and a strict Constitutional Libertarian should be leading it.

    Very sad and not sure I will attend another one unless poloticians are banned.

    • Thanks for your comments. We are committed to providing a 100% forum free of all politicians regardless of party. We have the greatest respect for Dr. Ron Paul. There will always be people who are motivated first by their self interest. Please keep fighting for America.

  2. American Confucius says:

    An overwhelming majority of hardcore libertarians and Ron Paul supporters voted for Obama. And now they bemoan the Republican’s attempt to revitalize and reorganize the party so we can try to stop this madness in 2010 and 2012. James, correct me if I’m wrong, but you probably voted for Obama, so, if anyone should be muzzled, it should be you, and all your Ron Paul supporter friends who did the same thing. Now, just to be clear, I too like Ron Paul, very much in fact, but, the problem is, you are too small of a contingent (and too many of you are socially liberal pot-smoking west-coast hipster types) to make any real policy changes in this country. Indeed, many of you enjoy the sort of divine status of being the “swing vote” but as the stats show from last election, most of you voted for the socialist change (which always perplexed me since he symbolized the exact opposite of Ron Paul’s positions on most issues, and, if any of you had any meaningful foresight, you should’ve seen the socialist change coming from the day Obama announced his campaign).

    Solution: So let’s say the tea party movement becomes the movement of the libertarians. Then what? Do you really think you all will have enough mature and sophisticated supporters to have your own viable party? I think not, especially due to the acrimony between many libertarians and the Christian right. (And that’s another issue: libertarians, generally speaking, are socially liberal, and speak of the Christian Right as the hijackers of the party. I won’t go into the short-sightedness of that perception, but I will say, the Christian Right is and will remain to be a huge voting bloc for future conservatism.) Most likely, if you are true to your beliefs, you will be voting for the Republican candidates in 2010 and 2012 (unless you still haven’t learned your lesson from the last election), because, like it or not, the Republican party is still regarded as the dominant party of small government, and the young up-and-coming Reaganesque politicians are becoming the faces of the party. So if both of our ends eventually converge, which is really a forgone conclusion, enough of the party-bashing, and why not converge now, reshape the party now, rebrand the party now as the party of small gov’t conservatism, so that we’re strong in 2010 and beyond. To that end, we need to get young Republican politicians on board as quickly as possible starting at the grassroots. These tea parties are extremely valuable opportunities to achieve our political ends. And that means, from our end, getting politicians like Rubio and Rooney and the like to speak at these tea parties. And, from your end James, it means coming back to the fold.

    The Jeffersonian notion of “non-partisanship” and the “people’s movement” is all good and dandy. It really does bring me warm and fuzzy feelings. But it’s time to face reality. And the reality is, WE MUST CHARGE FORWARD UNDER THE BANNER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY if we’re going to revitalize the party and stop our decline to a permanent statism. Small government, federalism, low and fair/flat taxation, and generally fiscal libertarianism are issues that can act as the platform for ALL conservatives.

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