SFTP founder appears on & Chris Matthews Hardball


South Florida Tea Party founder Everett Wilkinson was invited on Hardball with Chris Matthews to speak about the Tea Party movement! Great job representing us, Everett!

6 thoughts on “SFTP founder appears on & Chris Matthews Hardball

  1. The tea party movement started as a result of government overspending. You can make it about Obama if you want, but it isn’t. It is about enough being enough. It is obvious you have not read the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Taxation without representation. The programs they are proposing in congress, with the taxes accompanying them are unreal. I would suggest you read the documents of the founding fathers before you comment further.

  2. Deep down inside you know you are a bunch of communist-loving socialists looking to bankrupt this country. Get a job and earn a living and your benefits for a change instead of expecting the other half of America to pay for it for you. You’ll be sorry you went down this path, traitor.

  3. Thanks for posting this interview. I do believe a little more polish in speech and attire is called for. Though Matthews is often quoted about “a thrill up my leg” there are many people out there who still swallow what they here from the MSM. They can be woken up and brought around to defend their rights that are being taken away. We must put pressure on the republicans to field candidates that reflect and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in their being. Matthews was using a technique to get the interviewees to turn on their own parents, as he perceived them to be, devour and be left as orphans. That would be good for the dems who will then film the whole affair to destroy the Tea Party constituents showing how, “out there” they really are. Unless the republicans come around we will be in a real bad place! The duality no longer exists!

  4. This one is for you Rudy!

    What have you done?? Not even recently, what have YOU DONE? Anything?? Are you just FOS, stand up take shot? Have you stood in the rain for something you believe in that’s bigger than yourself. Have you donated money, time, effort, creativeness, thoughtfulness, stayed up for day’s to get the project finished and still worked in a high pressure job with no time off?
    Have you ever been good enough to have an army of people spontaneously stand up and give you their support. I don’t know you, I do not wish to know you, as far as I’m concerned you just run your mouth, what did someone say “an empty wagon makes noise”, ya that’s it, You can be your local neigborhoods “empty wagon”
    I’m Hannibal… awaiting your comment…

  5. For those of you that are a product of government schools and don’t understand the tea party movement. Government spending has been increasing at an unsustainable rate. It’s not about Bush. It’s not about Obama. It’s about uncontrolled spending. Sure there was increased spending and swelling of the national debt under Bush. But, NOW we say enough is enough. No more excessive government spending by anybody, Republicans or democrats!!!

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