“There’s something really bothering me that I find very offensive and disgusting…

“There’s something really bothering me that I find very offensive and disgusting,” the legendary comedian began in an exclusive video for Breitbart as he blasted the “obnoxious, disgusting characters” in Hollywood who are bent on keeping the President-elect out of the White House.
“They can’t tolerate the thought that they lost and they can’t accept it like a normal person,” the 85-year-old said, lambasting “spoiled” liberals who are so used to getting their own way that they assume they can even “turn over a democracy.”
“You have to make sure that this president is a success. That’s how this country works,” Mason said, angrily addressing the anti-Trump celebrities directly.
“If you have concern about the country more than yourself and your selfish drives and your disgusting character you would say thank God somebody won – whoever it is,” he said, standing to his feet. “If you care about this country you would help him instead of complaining and trying to destroy it.”
Mason was far from done, as he pointed a finger and reached a scathing crescendo in his video message.
“You are a bunch of sick, low life, disgusting bastards who got your own way all your life but this time you won’t and you better make the best of it,” he said.
“If you can’t,” he added, “get out of the country! Get out, you pig bastards!”
Mason immediately softened his tone and concluded a holiday message from the heart for the anti-Trump crowd.
“Despite your ridiculous behavior,: he said, “I want to say to you from the bottom of my heart that I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, a Happy New Year, and may God bless you that you should turn into a normal person.”


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