When a beheading occurs, the U.S. Government expresses outrage at the so-called …

When a beheading occurs, the U.S. Government expresses outrage at the so-called “terrorists”, and they hastily broadcast professionally produced propaganda videos to the masses, because they know that people will become equally outraged and allow the U.S. Government to spend billions to go get the perpetrator. The media; government and the public is all over it.

When John McCain goes to Syria and has a cup of coffee with ISIS Jihadists who conveniently claim the same side of the conflict as the USA against Bashir Al Assad, McCain declares his newly found gun sale prospects as “freedom fighters”. The media; government and public are on it like flies on dung.

When the United Nations high commission for refugees and the U.S. State Department plan to relocate thousands of Syrian refugees from the war zone manufactured by the U.S. and dump them into the United States, not one of them guaranteed to be free of crime or terrorism, we don’t hear a peep from the media, government, or public. The information, though out in the open, is revealed quietly, and without all the hoopla associated with war profiteering, destabilization for oil revenue or John McCain’s crony munitions sales.

The United Nations; an un-elected body with absolutely no Constitutional authority over the sovereign people within the boundaries of the United States is unilaterally dumping thousands of Syrian refugees on the U.S. No checks and balances. No Congressional approval. No pubic debate. In fact, the public is told very quietly and without the help of round the clock coverage by CNN and Fox News.


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