The decision for the Democrats to oppose a tax reform package that benefits the working and middle class of America seems to be looking more and more of a blunder with every passing week.

Since the tax bill was signed into law, over 250 companies have issued bonuses to over three million workers. Bonuses range from $1,000-3,000. Companies are now saying they’re increasing philanthropic giving, raising wages, re-investing back into in the U.S., and offering new benefits. Fromthe banks to the Olive Garden, new benefits are being ushered in thanks to a better job creating and investing climate President Trump and the Republicans have worked to create, climbing out of the hyper–regulatory state the Obama administration sought to create.

Over all, 51 percent of Americans approve of the tax law, while 46 percent disapprove, according to a poll for The New York Times conducted between Feb. 5 and Feb. 11 by SurveyMonkey.

Approval has risen from 46 percent in January and 37 percent in December, when the law was passed.

Democrats have done little to counter the Republican messaging and concede it has had an effect, along with a series of high-profile company announcements of bonuses, raises or other benefits attributed to tax savings.

But they are ramping up efforts to rebrand the law as disproportionately helping shareholders and the wealthy, and they contend the boost from bonus announcements will fade.