There is legislation in many states, as well as a U.S. Supreme Court case, focused on changing the way online businesses sell their products. The internet sales tax (IST) law would require online companies that make over a certain amount or produce a certain number of transactions annually to pay an internet sales tax, even if those businesses don’t have a physical presence in the state. Such laws would cause small American businesses that rely heavily on online sales to suffer. Many businesses depend only on their online sales and cannot afford the added costs of keeping their businesses afloat.

IST is bad for small businesses, bad for states hoping to increase revenue from the tax and it’s nearly impossible to monitor. That’s why eBay is asking people take action by signing its petition urging lawmakers to stand by these small business owners and entrepreneurs. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, along with other organizations, stand with eBay and all of the hard-working business owners who want to achieve the American Dream.

The internet should be a tool free from government taxation and regulation. IST would be a slippery slope to added tax and regulations that would – in the long run – only cripple small businesses and prevent the American economy from growing.

Urge President Trump, Congress and state governors to stand by these small businesses and entrepreneurs and protect them from any dangerous IST legislation!