8 thoughts on “Antifa: Shadowy Militant Communist Group Attacks Trump Supporters

  1. A terrorist organization it’s time to call it what it is. Is bad enough that they can’t come to grips that Hillary was a flawed candidate and lost. But now they want to hurt anyone that supported the other side. A real shame.

  2. Timeless bumper sticker in Wyoming: “Fight crime; shoot back!” When it is not longer prudent or safe to allow criminals to commit violent acts against lawful people, then we shall have a polite society once again.

  3. Well, of course the did. That’s one of the ways fascists show their hatred and intolerance for those who don’t share their opinion.

  4. It’s time to label them as a terrorist organization and terminate their existence

  5. Kill EM all and start over with kids that come to class to learn not burn!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps you should make notice in the headline not the story that this occurred on Inauguration Day in January and not recently.

  7. More made up shit from the fevered wet dreams of Alex Jones and Breitbart. Conspiracy theories run rampant amongst the gullible.

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