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Brown Leads by 4%!

 In the most recent poll US Senate Candidate Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by a margin of 50 percent to 46 percent, the Suffolk University/WHDH-TV poll found. Given that most polls have an error of 4%, Coakley could still win. However this is the first poll that has shown Brown with a lead. Why does […] Continue reading →

Updated Congress Call Targets

 Here is the updated list of congress members to call. Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (D GA-2) 202-225-3631 Rep. Timothy H. Bishop (D NY-1) 202-225-3826 Rep. Dennis A. Cardoza (D CA-18) 202-225-6131 Rep. Gerry Connolly (D VA-11) 202-225-1492 Rep. Steve Driehaus (D OH-1) 202-225-2216 Rep. Bill Foster (R IL-14) 202-225-2976 Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D […] Continue reading →

Health Care, What Happens Now?

 Nov. 6th., 2009 Okay so what happens now on Health Care? The House fails to pass this bill what happens, HR3962 is dead, but the House could begin a new modified bill though its processes. It would not be a dead issue, just probably less a Socialist Power Grab and more substantive health care reforms […] Continue reading →

House Reps In Florida That Voted For the Bill

 Please make sure that you contact these US House Reps and tell them how you feel about them voting for the Health Care Bill Continue reading →

Reading Guide—Pelosi Health “Reform” Bill

 Reading Guide—Pelosi Health “Reform” Bill October 29, 2009 In order to assist Members, staff, and interested parties seeking to read and review the health “reform” legislation (H.R. 3962) introduced by House Democrats, the Republican Conference has compiled a list of important page numbers and provisions in the 1,990-page “Affordable Health Care for America Act:” Page […] Continue reading →

Health Care Action Plan

 Health Care Bill – Stop by and deliver a hand written letter to Senator Nelson and Senator Lemieux. Call/Fax/Email our target list of Senators EMAIL AND CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND KEY CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS TODAY tell them: No Mandate! No Rationing! No “Vapor Bill!” No Budget “Reconciliation”! Baucus Bill Talking Points: No – “public option” aka “government option”. No – […] Continue reading →

Tea Party Patriot Gets Spit On At Town Hall

 Last night, I attended Congressman Tom Rooney’s town hall meeting in Stuart, FL. As I walked into the building, someone on the sidewalk shouted, “We need health care now!” He was handing out “Obamacare” material. There was also a nearby group with a professional-grade video camera filming various people’s reactions. Unfortunately for myself and some […] Continue reading →