At the Palm Beach County Commission meeting of May 19, 2009, Suzanne Squire, a single working mom, took off time from work to go to the Palm Beach County Commission Meeting. Suzanne, once allowed to address the Commission, said that the spending was unsustainable and then referenced famous pioneer and Congressman David Crockett, who said “the money belongs to the taxpayers!” Suzanne Squire also mentioned that she attended the Tea Party Protest on April 15, 2009, when over three thousand citizens protested the bailouts and excessive overspending by the government at the very same building where the meeting was being held. Commissioner Aaronson responded by asking why the “Tea Party people” made it to the Tea Party, but couldn’t make it to the Commission meeting!

At the June 2, 2009 Commission meeting, Mark Martin, a South Florida Tea Party member addressed the Commisioners about taxes and spending and at the end he explained why the Tea Party Protesters were not at the prior meeting. This was his response:

We thank you, Mark and Suzanne, for taking the time to get involved and letting your voices be heard!