South Florida Tea Party is proud to have sent out Candidate Questionnaires for US Congressional District 19.  The special election will take place on April 13, 2009.  Candidates for congress include Ed Lynch, Curt Price,Joe Budd,Ted Deutch and Ben Graber.  If you are a candidate and not received one, please email

US District 19 Special Elections Candidate Questionnaire

Instructions:  Candidates are to fill out our questionnaire and submit them via their “official campaign email address” to   There will be an additional verification after submission.   Any questions on this must be made via email to  All information obtained should be considered public information.   In the case of a candidates failure to complete the “Candidate Questionnaire” public statements and/or voting records may be used to complete the questionnaire for the candidate.

Yes / No questions should be answered by deleting the unwanted response.  An example would be: Are there fifty states in the United States of America?  Yes

All responses need to be emailed no later than: December 14TH 2009 at 5PM.







  1. Do you commit to reduce the federal deficit and the size of government? Including:
    • Insisting that future budgets are funded by current-year revenue.
    • Redirecting spending to reduce the deficit in five years.
    • Curtailing the Troubled Asset Relief Program and rolling back unspent stimulus money.
    • Killing the health care reform bill in its current form or repealing it if passed.
    • Calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve to expose TARP recipients.

YES  /  NO

  1. Do you commit to work toward a more equitable tax code? Including:
  • Considering a flat tax, fair tax, value added tax, and other alternatives to the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Removing the perverse incentives of the progressive tax code.
  • Having everyone pay taxes, even if a minimum amount, rather than receiving money as a tax credit?

YES  /  NO

  1. Do you commit to listen to your constituents? Including:
  • Holding frequent public town hall meetings.
  • Replying to constituent queries with more than form letter boilerplate language to the extent feasible.
  • Acknowledging disagreements and adequately explaining controversial votes.

YES  /  NO

  1. Do you commit to work to restore trust in government? Including:
  • Calling for immediate resignation of indicted officials.
  • Calling for members in leadership to step down if credible ethics complaints persist for longer than one month.
  • Opposing government propaganda in all forms, including by the National Education Association or compliant network media.
  • Opposing the use of unelected, unconfirmed czars in White House power positions.
  • Investigating and prosecuting of all organizations involved in voter fraud.

YES  /  NO

Legislation: Please answer YES or NO. Would you have voted for the:

  1. Bailout of banks with the TARP bailout?  Yes / No
  2. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?  Yes / No
  3. Cap-and-Trade Bill?  Yes / No
  4. US House Health Care Reform Bill?  Yes / No

Essay: In 300 words or fewer, describe what you would do if elected to promote a more fiscal responsible government.

Bio: In 300 words or fewer, please provide a bio on yourself.

Video (Optional): In 2 minutes or fewer describe what you would do if elected to promote a more fiscal responsible government.