9 thoughts on “Democrats Have Finally Figured Out Hillary’s Loss: “Her Base Didn’t Turn Out”

  1. If her base didn’t “turn out”, then who the hell was voting for her, someone elses base? Just another example of the stupidity and delusional behavior that continue to haunt the prog/dem/lib party.

  2. the polls said she had a 98% chance to win, her lemmings went to Mickeys D’s instead, dumbest political move ever to fake the polls, if they faked for Trump, Hillary would be president.

  3. Why are we still talking about this? She LOST, what difference does it make?

  4. People realized she’s a crooked phony just in time is what happened.

  5. Really? Eight million more voters turned out than in 2012, and she got only about 75,000 votes less than Obama.

  6. Well its good to know they have Integrity

  7. she is corrupt and is being exposed for the idiot she is.

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