25 thoughts on “‘I’ll defend Europe!’ Macron snubs French national anthem & walks out to EU song after win

  1. The world will never be right again. Open up your borders and invite terror in cause your Liberal ideology is insane. Look at this evil man and watch how France will become the new Syria.

  2. Doesn’t care about France, just cares about the European Union and how he is perceived by that governing body.
    Getting elected is just another stepping stone to world politics.

  3. As predicted, Marcon will facilitate the assimilation of France into the EU Caliphate run by Reichsfuher Merkel. France, as an independent country, is dead.

  4. One world government is his goal. The same goal as Obama.

  5. Another traitor for dying country. His bank is full of muslem money to sell out country. Best to send french art out of the country cause they will burn history

  6. This is what happens when a country allows illegal immigrants to vote on laws in their country

  7. There you have it a blatant show of DISRESPECT of his Country AND its people already . After he’s just said that he’ll DEFEND Europe ?? Ya right . What the hell were people in Europe thinking when they voted this scumbag loser Anti Europe guy in ??? Have they not SEEN enough with their own eyes the total disaster they’ve already experienced ? And now to actually VOTE this guy in who is only gonna make it worse and add MORE Muslim rabid ANIMALS in ??? So long Europe . Your beautiful Country is now gone … forever .

  8. yup. no surprise. therefore rip france; they should throw him out and get Le Pen back on. lol. sadly… too weak…

  9. French citizens will NEVER, EVER learn..lol

  10. And in front of a temple dedicated to lucifer.

  11. looks like france has gone then,

  12. France is headed into deeper darkness… 😥

  13. Traitor to his country like Obama.

  14. Who’s going to save them when Putin rolls in?

  15. France is ecstatic for the downfall of their country

  16. Welcome to Europe’s downfall

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