National Liberty Federation advocates for the restoration of the Constitution as our Founding Fathers initially envisioned.  We believe that America can be great again by empowering citizens with liberty.  We try to educate the public and members on legislation that either supports or restricts liberty.

Our mission is that all Americans may once more experience prosperity through (1) the freedoms of limited government, (2) a country that is fiscally responsible to its citizens and, (3) the promotion of greater inalienable rights.

Some of the issues we create awareness and educate the public on are:

  • Upholding & restoring all Constitutional rights
  • Promoting the need for fiscal responsibility in the federal & state governments.
  • Abolish government waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Keeping the Internet free from unnecessary government regulation and taxation.
  • Advocating States’ Rights

Current Legislative Focus

  • First Amendment (Promoting Free Speech and Religion);
  • Second Amendment (Supporting Gun Rights & Self Defense);
  • Fourth Amendment (Stopping Warrantless Searches, NSA Spying & Right to Privacy);
  • Defunding Obamacare;
  • Stopping Amnesty;
  • Flat Tax (HR 1040);
  • Auditing & Replacement of Federal Reserve System;
  • Repealing Healthcare;