Los Angeles has admitted to a dire situation, declaring a state of emergency on homelessness, as it now looks like L.A. Mayor, Eric Garcetti, is finally making good on his promises.

Mayor Garcetti declared that he aimed to end homelessness amongst military veterans, however, it is only now that the city has begun to address the situation properly. Finally the homeless will be receiving care and support through a comprehensive program instated, whereby a budget of $100 million dollars annually is allocated for aid. This pledge is truthfully a long overdue acknowledgement of an obvious problem, one that the city of Los Angeles needed to put greater support towards, for many years already.

Citizens who were once soldiers on the whim and call of their country, now live in tents, shacks and boxes left to fend for themselves amidst worldwide economic instability. But the City of Angels is not alone in dealing with this dire misfortune. New York, Washington, Minnesota and in actual fact almost all states across the US have members of society living on the streets.