A large portion of California wants to secede.

American conservatives should not only applaud the move, they should be doing everything possible to help them find the door. Imagine a world without Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, or Kamala Harris; where Democrats would not start the presidential election cycle with nearly one quarter of the Electoral College votes needed to win the election; where the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit would disappear; where every radical Leftist group could set up shop and get out of real America; where every illegal immigrant could find a home in the sanctuary State.

There are many good people in California who would not want to be part of the socialist Bear Flag Republic. Real America would welcome them with open arms.

While they’re at it, maybe they could rope in the other blue States. A rekindling of the secession spirit in New England would go a long way to making America great again.

That may be too much to ask, so now, we should be content, and encouraging, to let the Hollywood elite go.

We’d all be better for it.

Excerpts from article by Brion McClanahan – Townhall