Thomas Perez wins the DNC Chair and immediately consolidates power in the party by selecting Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair. What this means is that absolutely nothing has changed except the name plate on the desk.

The New Socialist Party has suffered some serious loses and needed to reorganize. What they did was simply double down. A little slight of hand here and that’s all. The Traditional Liberal that founded the Party and has been treated as an illegitimate stepchild gained no ground whatsoever.
Thomas Perez is a Hillary Clinton whelp and globalist/new world order helping hand. The power in the Party stays where it has been for decades. With the destructive Progressive side.

Keith Ellison is a Luis Farrakhan follower and a Black Muslim that occasionally gets himself in trouble with racist comments. Much of his support comes from the Marxist morons in the Bernie Sanders crowd. His backing comes from the Muslim Brotherhood mob on the Hill. They stay second wife in the Party. Serve and be quiet.

What this means for the Administration is a declaration of war. They have no Intention of thinking of the people that they serve coming before themselves or their masters. The traditional liberals have been shown their place at the back of the bus and obstructionist is the plan for the next 4 years. Throw in some of the anarchists with Antifa and George Soros for violence and unrest and they will be as happy as pigs wallowing in mud.