“O tempora, O mores,” meaning, “Oh of the times! Oh of the customs!” was Cicero’s opening line thousands of years ago when he spoke out against a corrupt senator. In Palm Beach County, some citizens are speaking out against their local legislators with another opening line: “We are made as hell, and we are not going to take it any longer.”

At least, that’s what their T-shirts read. A group of people wearing the red shirts gathered at the recent board of commissioners meeting to show their opposition to recent board decision.

The group’s silent protest follows another one made at a board meeting in June. Roughly 75 South Florida Tea Party members had attended the June 16 meeting, during which Commissioner Jeff Koons apologized for a comment Commissioner Burt Aaronson made in May regarding the lack of Tea Party Patriots at board meetings to raise their concerns.

There appears to be a gaping hole the size of the Grand Canyon between the county commissioners and the citizens of Palm Beach County. In recent years, five elected officials have been sent to jail. When the county requested public opinion on the matter, many questioned the accuracy of having the commissioners audited. Most felt that the situation was important to an independent investigation that was unconnected to any elected officials.

Next month should also be a tough month to be a county commissioner in Palm Beach, because the board will propose a more than 15 percent millage tax increase. Perhaps the citizens of Palm Beach County need to send their officials to a course that teaches manners, basic math and ethics?