Tea Party group takes aim at government spending from D.C. to South Florida
Critics say organization is out to bash the president.

By Andy Reid
South Florida Sun Sentinel

Palm Beach County political newcomer Everett Wilkinson seeks to lead South Florida’s “irate, tireless minority.”

Wilkinson and a few others teamed up to create the South Florida Tea Party group, the local effort of the national anti-government-spending movement.

The South Florida group opposes President Barack Obama’s push for health care reform and potential property tax rate increases in Broward and Palm Beach counties, among other things.

At the top of its website the group features a quote from Samuel Adams, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, saying that an “irate, tireless minority” can prevail by “setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.”

The South Florida branch of this web-infused “grassroots” tea party campaign uses e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to set those “brush fires” and enlist others in its efforts. The group has protested at County Commission meetings and spoken out at health care town hall events.

“It’s all just grassroots people, making their own signs and standing on the street corner,” said Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida tea party group. “Informing the general public about what’s going on with the government and mobilizing citizens.”

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