Tea partiers counterattack ‘bad guys on bad mission’ by Joe Kovacs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Many Americans from coast-to-coast turned Independence Day 2009 into a “counterattack” against what they call the high-spending, freedom-shrinking policies of President Barack Obama and members of Congress, irrespective of party affiliation.

With some 2,000 rallies taking place in all 50 states, cities such as West Palm Beach, Fla., were typical of the angst vented against recent government action.

Approximately 1,000 people turned out in this affluent region for an evening featuring brief speeches and hundreds of homemade signs.

Among those carrying a placard was Barbara Allen of Juno Beach, Fla.

“We have the wrong people in Congress right now,” Allen told WND. There’s 535 of them and there’s a lot of bad guys in there on a bad mission and we need to counterattack and get ’em out. The bad mission is we’re gonna be in a state of socialism here if we don’t stop this nonsense of spending [and] spending.”

She stressed the tea partiers, who take their name from the 1773 Boston Tea Party, are promoting the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

“We’re about common sense. We’re not about Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. We want our freedom. We don’t want to lose our freedom.”

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