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This year will be remembered as the year we cut our teeth as activists and joined the ranks of brave patriots who came before us. We turned out by the millions April 15. We called and faxed our representatives and stopped the largest tax increase in American history. We opposed misguided health care reform legislation and prevented the government from taking over 1/6 of our economy. Lest we forget, nearly two million Americans marched Sept. 12 in Washington, D.C., making history as the largest march ever made on our nation’s capitol.

Congratulations, Patriots. You have earned your title. Surely, our founding fathers would look down on us and smile.

However, with this new role comes responsibility. The burden of being a Patriot is heavy. Remember, the original signers of the Declarationof Independence signed their lives for our freedom on a blank check.

Today, we ask you to join the South Florida Tea Party in continuing the battle. Political pundits say people don’t care about voting or issues, but they also said the liberal left couldn’t be stopped in April. We shall not be stopped. We must move forward.

There are times when the heart of the enemy is exposed. This is the case of the special election for U.S. Congressional District 19. But when voters turn out in April 13th, we will show the world what will happen in elections across the country in the fall. This seat is held by an extremely liberal congressman, Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler. He has ignored our petitions, calls and e-mails. Could we expect more from a man who wrote a book titled,”Fire-Breathing Liberal: How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of Congress”?

Wexler will leave office in January, and citizens will vote for a new congressman April 13. We need to help citizens have their voices andvotes heard. Winning here will stop the gears of the liberal left from turning.

In the next couple of weeks, we will release the details of our plan. For now, here is a brief overview of our goals for 2010:

·                                  Register voters.
·                                  Provide facts about candidates on issues.
·                                  Prevent voter fraud.
·                                  Get out the vote on election days.

Our ultimate goal is to recruit hundreds of volunteers to help us achieve victory in South Florida and lead the rest of America in taking our country back. Specifically, we need help with the following positions and items:

·                                  A media buyer.
·                                  Volunteers to walk districts to spread our message.
·                                  Volunteers who speak Yiddish.
·                                  Volunteers to help get out the vote on election days.
·                                  An office and furniture.
·                                  Database SQL programmers.
·                                  Graphic designers.
·                                  Volunteers to perform office work and database entry.
·                                  Donations.
·                                  Volunteers to make phone calls.

Please consider setting aside time the first weeks of April to help us in our efforts. Any assistance will be appreciated. If you can help in any of these areas, call (561) 247-5264 or e-mail For more information, see